Luxury Retreats For Women Who Make Millions

Luxury Retreats For Women Who Make Millions

Welcome To MGC

MGC was created as a way to connect powerful female entrepreneurs.

Women who are shaking things up in their industries, have a penchant for luxury, and value surrounding themselves with other entrepreneurs who play at the highest of levels and not only see their bigness, but celebrate the hell out of it!

For years I bounced around from mastermind to live event to coaching program searching for the women who valued the same kinda things I did: conversations with depth, female friendships that felt nourishing, a well placed F bomb (or two), lavish experiences, and emotional, financial, and personal freedom.

After struggling to find exactly what I was looking for, I caved and settled for Zoom conversations, DM threads, and voice texts.

But it didn’t cut it. I wanted more.

I wanted to surround myself with expanders.

Fast forward to March 2019 and I was on the back of a motorcycle riding through the rice fields of Bali with my husband when the idea struck me like a bolt of lightning.

Join The Club

Real talk: Masterminds (while useful) are often drenched in dude energy, are hosted in mediocre meeting rooms, and have you walking away with a long af list of things you “should” implement if you want to “stay on top”. 

does a mental eye roll

Listen, you already know how to make millions. 

And often at this level, it’s not about learning alllll the hot new strategies and reactively implementing things you think are going to give you an edge. 

Instead, it’s about expansion and refinement. In your leadership, your skills, your team, your offers, your sales and marketing, your stewardship of money, and your own emotional intelligence and self awareness. 

Most of all though? 

It’s about surrounding yourself with women who match your future...

Millionaire Girls Club™

Hey, I'm Jill!

Voracious Reader, Traveller, Splenic 1/4 Manifestor & Founder of the Millionaire Girls Club™ I created MGC as a way to connect with the women who match my future…



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